Do You Have A Valid Personal Injury Claim On Your Hands?

29 January 2018
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Being involved in a personal injury case can be quite emotionally and financially draining. It is not surprising that a majority of people will just choose to settle out of court so that they can avoid the rigours of having to follow up on getting adequate compensation. However, this defeatist approach is what makes it difficult for the victims to receive what is wholly owed to them. As a result, the liable parties get off scotch free and only pay a fraction of what the damages they have caused cost. Read More 

Injured in a car accident? Why you should file a police report immediately

20 March 2017
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Many accident victims don't know the importance of filing a police report following a road mishap. Bear in mind that not every injury displays symptoms immediately. You may end believing you don't have any serious injuries after a car crash, only to start experiencing discomfort later on. However, if you intend to seek compensation for your injuries whether major or minor, a police report may come in handy in terms of strengthening your case. Read More 

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Negligence Claims in Australia

24 June 2016
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Medical negligence can result in very serious consequences for a patient and can sometimes even result in their death. This is why you can file a medical negligence claim in order to receive compensation if such negligence is proven. Only an attorney can advise you about your claim in particular, but note a few commonly asked questions about these types of claims so you know if you should discuss your concerns with an attorney. Read More 

What to do if you get a bad reaction to cosmetics

27 April 2016
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Recent news articles have shown the serious consequences that can occur when cosmetics are not used correctly or have aggravating ingredients. The ACCC notes that cosmetics related injuries are responsible for a huge 30% of injury reports received by the agency. Here are some things to do if you suffer an adverse reaction to cosmetics.  Take photos of your injury and the cosmetics Before you get treatment, it's important to show how the cosmetics appeared and the reaction that you have had. Read More 

Top Ways to Ensure That Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Paid

23 December 2015
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Just because you make a worker's compensation claim and have a valid case does not mean that the process of receiving payment will go smoothly. It is important to realize that most worker's compensation insurance companies are actually looking to minimise the amount that is paid out in claims. This means that they will look for any reason to prolong your claim and delay payment. To avoid going through long periods with no progress in your claim, it is important that you understand the steps you can take to ensure that your claim is processed and paid in a timely manner. Read More