Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Negligence Claims in Australia

24 June 2016
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Medical negligence can result in very serious consequences for a patient and can sometimes even result in their death. This is why you can file a medical negligence claim in order to receive compensation if such negligence is proven. Only an attorney can advise you about your claim in particular, but note a few commonly asked questions about these types of claims so you know if you should discuss your concerns with an attorney. Read More 

What to do if you get a bad reaction to cosmetics

27 April 2016
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Recent news articles have shown the serious consequences that can occur when cosmetics are not used correctly or have aggravating ingredients. The ACCC notes that cosmetics related injuries are responsible for a huge 30% of injury reports received by the agency. Here are some things to do if you suffer an adverse reaction to cosmetics.  Take photos of your injury and the cosmetics Before you get treatment, it's important to show how the cosmetics appeared and the reaction that you have had. Read More